One of the questions I get asked all the time is “how do I find my life purpose?”

Great question and there are loads of ways. However, most require you to do soul searching and inward reflection…which many of us aren’t that great at and don’t have a lot of quiet time to do.

Here is a way to use feedback from people that you know and trust to help clue you into not only your life purpose, but how you can turn this into your “prosperous mission” (a life purpose you can get paid for).

[youtube id=”QdGXP1mD0Tc”]

In this video, I look at:

  • What life purpose is and what most people are actually looking for when they talk about finding their life purpose
  • A foolproof way to zoom in on your life purpose using feedback from people you trust
  • The 4 questions that can clue you into your life purpose

So, go out and have some meaningful conversations…get out of the way and trust what you are told!

Image credit – Dennis Skley/Flickr