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Live your life purpose“Discover Your True Calling…and live the life you really want to live” is a free Video training written by Krish Surroy to get you well and truly on the path to identifying your higher calling, discovering your life purpose and truly bringing your gifts to the world.

After you subscribe, every few days you will receive access to the next module so that you can follow the course at your own pace.  Using videos, worksheets, meditations and practical exercises this course includes:

  • What is a higher calling and why should you care?
  • Discover your unique life purpose
  • How to identify and really own your innate talents and gifts
  • Understand how to raise your vibration and levels to optimum levels
  • The role of inspiration, insight and intuition – and how to really harness all three
  • How to live and express your calling and purpose in the world – identifying your mission
  • How to overcome blocks and make fear your friend

This course is designed to be a comprehensive introduction and start to discovering and living your purpose.


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