Coaching – ACTING on “it”

The underlying philosophy of my way of working is that you are fully creative, resourceful and whole.  You are not broken, and do not to be ‘fixed’ or changed in any way.

My intention is to connect you with your own intuitive sense of what you need to do to manifest your intentions, while providing you with the support and championing you need when the going gets tough.

We will create a partnership that really propels you toward your highest purpose.  We will discover what fulfils you, shift you into balanced and harmonised action, while fully loving the process along the way.  Working to YOUR agenda, we focus on moving you forward and deepening your learning, all to boost your effectiveness.

With any type of coaching, effectiveness is cumulative, built on action over a period of time.  Therefore, for coaching to really benefit you, I strongly recommend a commitment of at least three months, meeting once a week for 40 minutes.

Coaching is based on a fee structure of £100/hour.

  • 1 month (3 weekly sessions of 40 minutes): £200
  • 3 months prepaid: £550
  • 6 months prepaid : £1100

If the Spirit moves you, contact me now for a free sample session.