About Krish

I am a Soul Caller – I help people to “see it, get it and act on it”.

‘It’ in this case refers to your:
▪ Inspiration
▪ Muse
▪ Grand Vision
▪ Life Path
▪ Highest Purpose
▪ Greatest Goal
▪ Deepest Passion
▪ Soul/Spirit Expression

We all have ‘it’.

‘It’ is that urge, feeling or intuition that connects you to your path of greatest fulfillment.  It is, in short, your path to a magical and charmed life.

‘It’ wells up from deep within to show you how to use your unique gifts and talents and bring about your unique contribution to the world.

About Krish‘It’ is that in-built impulse we all feel at some point in our life and which is the key to our psychological, emotional and spiritual growth.

But sometimes Life gets in the way. We exist in a world where we focus more on what is not possible than what is.  Many of us feel trapped by circumstances, and forget about our creativity and our power. Even those of us who are materially successful feel that ‘there must be more to life than this’.

There is.

As a Soul Caller, my work is to help call forth your Soul and Spirit to help you live a life that is the full expression of all of who you are, your Authentic Self.  I help you to see your ‘it’ again – both to get ‘it’ and to act upon ‘it’.  Our greatest happiness as humans lies in practising what we were put here to do.  I’ll help you remember that you already know what this is.