How to review and release 2014, ready for a great 2015!

Review and release 2014

Can you believe that we are coming to end of 2014 already? Seems crazy that the holidays are here and soon we will be saying goodbye to this year. Whatever this year has been like for you, now is a great time to review 2014, take the lessons and seeds of wisdom and gently but intentionally […]

How to set real and authentic intentions for 2015

How to set real and authentic intentions for 2015

This is a crazy time of year with huge expectations. As if the pressure of the holidays weren’t enough, suddenly there is: all the advice for making next year the best year ever packages and programmes to achieve all your dreams and goals courses to launch your business, lose weight, have everything blogs telling you […]

A busy professional’s* mega survival guide on how to make the run up to Xmas easier (*or anyone else!)

How to make the run up to xmas easier

It is the holiday season. The time of year that is supposed to be magical and wonderful, yet so often it is nothing but stressful, tiring and frustrating. Why? A heady mixture of huge expectations about what the holidays should be like crashing into the wave of reality of what it actually can be like […]

7 better self care tips for guys (and girls!) – no. 7 is my favourite!

Better self care for guys

In my last blog post, I looked at why men tend to be so sucky when it comes to self care.  Much of it has to do with conditioning and the pressures of modern life. In this post, I am going to look at some of the ways that men (and women) can look after […]

20 tips to beat the Monday Morning blues

Monday morning blues

Eugh, Monday morning again? This is the thought I found myself waking up to this morning after being on holiday for a week.  This is a feeling that many of us wake up with on Monday morning and it is called anticipatory anxiety.  For many it starts as the feeling on dread on Sunday night. […]

How to Heal Your Own Heartbreak – Walking Home with Krish Surroy and Sonia Choquette [video]

Sonia Choquette

Welcome to Krish TV – the place to get your mojo on, shine your light and change your world! Hello all! This week’s video is the conclusion of my interview with my friend and teacher, Sonia Choquette.  As you might recall from last week, Sonia has recently released a book called Walking Home, telling her […]

Walking Home – an interview with Sonia Choquette (pt 1) [video]


This week I have the special privilege of interviewing my teacher and friend Sonia Choquette. Sonia has been inspiring and teaching people for well over 30 years but over the last couple of years found her world as she knew it falling apart. As a result, she was guided to do a pilgrimage along the […]

10 tips to deal with disturbed sleep


Getting enough sleep is one of the best tools for success, is an act of self-care and is essential for your wellbeing. Yet so many of us have disturbed sleep because we are stressed or worried. In the past waking up at 3am was not unusual for me when stresses and worries played on my mind. […]