Stop chasing your purpose and let it come to you

Steve came to me desperate to find his purpose.

He was working as a senior manager in a very large company doing good work in the world.

He had just been promoted into the position that he had hankered after for years. However, he was discovering that it was not all that he had hoped.

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About Krish

I am a Soul Caller – I help people to “see it, get it and act on it”.

We all have ‘it’.

‘It’ is that urge, feeling or intuition that connects you to your path of greatest fulfillment.  It is, in short, your path to a magical and charmed life.

‘It’ wells up from deep within to show you how to use your unique gifts and talents and bring about your unique contribution to the world.

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Coaching – ACTING on “it”

The underlying philosophy of my way of working is that you are fully creative, resourceful and whole.  You are not broken, and do not to be ‘fixed’ or changed in any way.

My intention is to connect you with your own intuitive sense of what you need to do to manifest your intentions, while providing you with the support and championing you need when the going gets tough.

We will create a partnership that really propels you toward your highest purpose.

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